Quicken Product Support

The many tools and services that Quicken offers to help users with any problems they could run into while using the software are referred to as Quicken product support. Online tools like user forums, knowledge bases, and step-by-step instructions, as well as live support channels like phone, chat, or remote access support, may all be a part of this service.

Quicken product support attempts to assist users in resolving technical problems, responding to queries about product functioning, offering advice on setup and installation, and addressing any faults with the software. Assuring users can use Quicken confidently and make the most of the program’s features is the aim of product support.


Quicken Products


Quicken Deluxe

Quicken Deluxe is a software made for people who wish to make a custom budget and keep track of their spending, investments, and debts. Users can design a plan to pay off debt, save for retirement, and budget for future costs using the capabilities in Quicken Deluxe.


Quicken Premier

This program is made for people who wish to keep track of both their personal accounts and their investments. Users of Quicken Premier can compare investments, follow their performance, and analyze their investment portfolios using the included capabilities.


Quicken Home & Business

Quicken Home & Business is a product made for those who manage rental properties or small businesses. Users of Quicken Home & Business can track their income and expenses, make invoices, and manage rental properties using the capabilities included in the software.


Quicken Rental Property Manager

The target market for this product is those who own and oversee rental properties. Users of Quicken Rental Property Manager can create reports for tax purposes, track income and expenses, and manage tenant information.

Why Should You Choose Quicken?

Comprehensive Features: Quicken has a number of tools to assist you in managing your finances, such as budgeting, investment tracking, and bill payment reminders. With Quicken, you can view all of your financial information in one location.

Ease of Use: Quicken is made to be intuitive to use and simple to navigate. The software is simple to use and provides step-by-step instructions to get you going.

Customization: Quicken’s customization features let you adjust the program to meet your specific requirements. You can make a custom budget, keep track of particular investments, and set up alerts for bills and other financial obligations.

Security: Quicken takes security very seriously and uses a number of safeguards to protect your financial information. The software enables two-factor authentication in addition to 256-bit encryption to protect your data.

Support: To assist you in resolving any problems you might run across while using the program, Quicken provides a variety of support services. Whether you prefer to solve problems independently or require more detailed assistance, Quicken provides a help option to suit your needs.


Quicken integration details

Financial Institution Integration

More than 14,500 financial institutions, including banks, credit unions, and credit card firms, can be accessed using Quicken’s financial institution integration feature. You may download transactions, pay bills, examine account balances, and view transaction history thanks to this integration.

Integration with Investment Brokers

With Quicken, you can connect to more than 5,000 investment brokers. With the help of this connection, you can keep track of your investments, monitor current stock values, and get alerts for significant occurrences like dividend payments and stock splits.

Mobile App Integration

Quicken provides a mobile app that connects to the desktop application. You may access your financial data, such as account balances, transaction histories, and investment performance, while you’re on the go thanks to this integration.

Integration with Third-Party programs

Quicken provides integration with a number of third-party programs, such as TurboTax and Mint. Your financial management process can be streamlined thanks to this connectivity, which makes it simple to move financial data between apps.

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Quicken Deluxe

Make a custom budget and keep track of their spending, investments, and debts. Additionally to investment tracking and analysis.

Quicken Premier

This program is made for people who wish to keep track of both their personal accounts.

Quicken Home & Business

This product made for those who manage rental properties or small businesses.

Quicken Rental Property Manager

The target market for this product is those who own and oversee rental properties.

Benefit Of Quicken Product Support

Quick problem resolution: If you have any problems using Quicken, you can get prompt assistance from the company’s customer support team. Long-term, this can help you save time and frustration.

Enhanced productivity: You can rapidly address any problems that might be affecting your use of Quicken by having access to a competent and accommodating support team. You’ll be able to manage your money more effectively and productively as a result of this.

Peace of mind: When using Quicken, you may feel more at ease knowing that you have access to dependable and knowledgeable help. You can be sure that any problems or worries will be handled quickly and successfully.

Maximizing software features: Making the most of software features: With the assistance of Quicken product support, you may discover how to make the most of all of the software’s features. This can enable you to maximize the return on your Quicken investment.

Data loss prevention: If you run into any problems that could lead to data loss, like a corrupted file, Quicken product support can assist you in swiftly and effectively recovering your data. This can stop the loss of crucial financial data.


What kind of customer service does Quicken provide?

Numerous help channels are available through Quicken, including phone support, chat support, email support, and discussion boards. Additionally, they have a thorough knowledge base with tutorials and articles on how to utilize the product.

How can I get support from Quicken?

Calling, chatting, or emailing Quicken help is all options. Visit Quicken’s website and select the support tab to obtain the company’s contact details.

Does Quicken product support have a price?

Customers of Quicken can get free product assistance. However, you can be sent to a paid support alternative if you require assistance with complex technical problems.

What details must I give Quicken support while calling them?

You must include information about your Quicken product, such as the version and release number, when contacting Quicken support. Additionally, you might be asked for specifics regarding the problem you’re having and any error messages you’ve seen.

Can Quicken support assist me with my money problems?

You can get assistance from Quicken support with any technical problems you might be having with the program. They cannot, however, give you financial guidance or assist you in making financial decisions. Any financial advice or direction should always be sought from a financial expert.

What time does Quicken product support open?

From 5:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time, Monday through Friday, Quicken product assistance is available. Weekends and significant holidays are their only days off.