QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus

QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus is a yearly subscription that must be renewed in order to keep access to the software. QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Intuit’s 24/7 support, and automated backups and upgrades are all included in the Plus subscription. The price displayed is for a single user. Plans are available for up to three users.

Features of QuickBooks Desktop Pro

QuickBooks Desktop Pro is an accounting software developed by Intuit, designed to help small and medium-sized businesses with their accounting and financial needs. Some of the features are given below

Financial Management

QuickBooks Desktop Pro allows users to track income and expenses, create and send invoices to customers, and manage accounts payable and receivable. It provides tools for bank reconciliation, generating financial statements, and organizing transactions.

Inventory Management

Users can monitor and manage inventory levels, track costs, and set reorder points within QuickBooks Desktop Pro. It enables businesses to track their inventory accurately and avoid stockouts or overstocking.

Payroll Processing

The software includes a built-in payroll feature that facilitates the calculation of employee salaries, tax deductions, and generation of paychecks. It can also handle payroll tax filings and generate necessary forms, such as W-2s and 1099s.

Reporting and Analysis

QuickBooks 2024 offers a wide range of pre-built reports that provide insights into business performance, cash flow, profitability, and other key financial metrics. Customizable reports allow users to tailor the information to meet specific reporting needs.

Integration and Third-Party Apps

QuickBooks Desktop Pro integrates with various business applications, including payment processors, CRM systems, and e-commerce platforms. This allows users to streamline workflows, automate data transfer, and enhance overall efficiency.

Security and Data Protection

QuickBooks Desktop Pro includes features to protect sensitive financial data, such as password-protected access, user permissions, and data encryption. It regularly updates security patches to ensure the software remains secure against potential threats.

QuickBooks Desktop Pro Deciding Factors

1. Supported Business Types
Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with up to three accounting users
2. Pricing
  • $549.99 per year – 1 user
  • $749.99 per year – 2 users
  • $949.99 per year – 3 users
3. Money-back Guarantee
60 days (from the purchase date)
4. Ease of Sharing Files with Accountant
Must make an Accountant’s Copy to send to your accountant; not as convenient as file sharing in QuickBooks Online
5. Standout Features
  • Manages and tracks sales tax
  • Tracks inventory and COGS using the average cost method
  • Compares estimated vs actual projects costs
  • Tracks unpaid bills
  • Scans receipts through the mobile app
6. Scalability
Not scalable, as it’s limited to 3 users only
7. Overall Ease of Use
Above average; not as easy to use as cloud-based accounting software
8. Customer Support
Phone support (call back only), chat bot, live chat and self-help guides

Comparing QuickBooks Desktop Pricing

QuickBooks Pro

Call Us

priced per year

✔ Organize your business finances
✔ Track performance to inform decisions
✔ Priced per user up to 3 users
✔ Income & expenses
✔ Invoice & accept payments
✔ Tax deductions
✔ Reports
✔ Receipt capture
✔ Sales & sales tax
✔ 1099 contractors

QuickBooks Premier


per year

✔ Organize your business finances
✔ Track performance to inform decisions
✔ Priced per user up to 5 users
✔ Income & expenses
✔ Invoice & accept payments
✔ Tax deductions
✔ Industry specific reports
✔ Receipt capture
✔ Sales & sales tax
✔ 1099 contractors
✔ Estimates
✔ Bill management
✔ Time tracking
✔ Inventory management

QuickBooks Enterprise


per year

✔ Organize your business finances
✔ Track performance to inform decisions
✔ Priced per user up to 40 users
✔ Income & expenses
✔ Invoice & accept payments
✔ Tax deductions
✔ Most powerful reports
✔ Receipt capture
✔ Sales & sales tax
✔ 1099 contractors
✔ Advanced Inventory management
✔ E-commerce integration (add-on)
✔ Cash flow
✔ Bill & PO workflow approvals
✔ Project profitability
✔ Mileage tracking
✔ Cloud access (add-on)
✔ Built-in payroll
✔ Customized access
✔ Workflow automation
✔ Batch invoices & expenses
✔ Dedicated account team
✔ On-demand online training
✔ Intercompany transactions
✔ 200+ apps
✔ Salesforce CRM connector (add-on)
✔ Data restoration

QuickBooks Desktop Pro User Reviews

⭐ Rating 4.3/5

The majority of positive QuickBooks Desktop Pro reviews are attributed to the program’s robust feature set and extensive integration—some users stated that inventory products can be readily categorized and tracked, and that it connects with other apps, including BigCommerce and Magento. However, other reviewers said that it is difficult to set up and has poor customer support.


✅ Organize inventories and figure out the average cost of goods sold (COGS)

✅ Using an Accountant Copy, export prior-year data while working on current-year data

✅ Access a huge network of independent QuickBooks ProAdvisors

✅ Track employee time & bill to customers

✅ Compare budgeted costs to actual costs


❎ As QuickBooks Pro is no longer available on Intuit’s website, you must contact the QuickBooks sales team

❎ Inventory assemblies cannot be tracked like in QuickBooks Premier

❎ Cannot manage fixed assets

❎ No industry-specific editions like Premier and Enterprise

❎ Limited to three users


Is QuickBooks Pro right for me?

QuickBooks Pro is the best choice for you if you only need basic inventory monitoring, have no need for remote access to your books, and have no more than three accounting users.

Is QuickBooks Pro available as a one-time purchase?

Not at all, no. The one-time purchase option for QuickBooks Pro and other QuickBooks Desktop packages has been discontinued. Instead, annual purchases are made for subscriptions.

When do I need to upgrade to Premier or Enterprise?

Select Premier if you require an industry-specific edition like Retail, Manufacturing, or Wholesale and need access for up to five users. Upgrade to Enterprise if you require up to 40 people and want sophisticated inventory features like multilocation tracking.

Is QuickBooks Desktop being phased out or discontinued?

No, it isn’t. Some earlier versions are being phased out (most recently, the 2020 version), however this just means that you must switch to a current version of QuickBooks Pro.

Can I accept online payments in QuickBooks Desktop?

Yes, because QuickBooks Desktop syncs with QuickBooks Online Payments, which allows you to process credit card or automated clearing house (ACH) bank transfers online. Read our QuickBooks Payments review to learn more about the solution.