QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise

Every year, Intuit publishes the most recent edition, which includes new and improved capabilities. You need to be aware that QuickBooks desktop enterprise has already entered the accounting sector if you aren’t already. This more recent release has many improved and additional features that cater to sophisticated commercial requirements. Make care to read this article in its whole before deciding whether to choose it or pass on its release.

Features of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise

Improved – Data Level Permissions

This feature enhances the control and security of data within the software. It allows administrators to set specific permissions for individual users or user groups, granting access only to the necessary data and functionalities they require, ensuring data privacy and preventing unauthorized access.

Enhanced Landed Costs Feature

The enhanced landed costs feature enables businesses to accurately track and allocate additional expenses incurred during the purchase and import of goods. It includes expenses like shipping, customs duties, and taxes, helping businesses calculate the true cost of inventory and make better pricing and profitability decisions.

Serial or Lot Numbers Needed on Transactions

This feature requires users to add serial or lot numbers when processing transactions involving inventory items. It helps in effectively managing and tracking individual items throughout their lifecycle, making it easier to handle warranties, recalls, and inventory control.

Improved Bank Feeds

With improved bank feeds, users experience a more streamlined and accurate process of importing bank and financial transactions directly into QuickBooks. It reduces manual data entry, minimizes errors, and ensures up-to-date and reconciled financial records.

Batch Delete Sales Orders

This feature allows users to delete multiple sales orders in batches, saving time and effort in case of incorrect or unnecessary entries. However, it’s essential to use this feature carefully to avoid unintentional data loss.

New – Barcode Label Prices

With this new feature, businesses can print barcode labels with item prices. This simplifies the inventory management process, making it easier for businesses to scan and track items accurately, especially in retail or warehouse settings.

Improved Alternate Vendor Reports

The improved alternate vendor reports provide better visibility into vendor options for purchasing specific items. Users can now compare vendor pricing, terms, and other details, facilitating more informed and cost-effective procurement decisions.

Automated Receipt Management

This feature automates the receipt management process, enabling users to capture and organize receipts digitally. It can help track expenses efficiently, reconcile transactions, and simplify the bookkeeping process.

Rule-Based Customer Groups

Rule-based customer groups allow businesses to categorize customers automatically based on predefined criteria like location, purchasing behavior, or sales volume. This segmentation assists in targeted marketing and customized customer service.

Auto Matching for Customer Merchant Payments

Auto-matching streamlines the process of matching customer payments with the corresponding invoices. It reduces manual efforts and ensures accurate and timely allocation of payments, improving accounts receivable management.

IMPROVED! QuickBooks Capital Funding

This enhanced feature offers improved access to capital funding options directly through QuickBooks. It provides businesses with financing opportunities based on their financial data and creditworthiness, simplifying the loan application and approval process.

PDF Invoice and Attachment Review

With this feature, users can review invoices and attached documents in PDF format directly within QuickBooks. It enhances collaboration and simplifies document management by eliminating the need to switch between applications.

Payroll Liability Reminders

Payroll liability reminders prompt users to fulfill their payroll tax obligations on time. It helps businesses avoid penalties and late fees by providing timely notifications and ensuring compliance with tax regulations.

QuickBooks Tool Hub Program

The QuickBooks Tool Hub is a software program that acts as a central hub for troubleshooting and resolving common issues with QuickBooks. It offers a collection of tools and utilities to diagnose and fix problems, ensuring smooth software performance.

Automated Send Statements/Payment Reminders

This feature automates the process of sending statements and payment reminders to customers. It saves time for businesses by automatically generating and emailing reminders for overdue invoices, improving cash flow management.

QuickBooks Desktop Manager

The QuickBooks Desktop Manager is likely a reference to a centralized application or dashboard that provides a unified view of multiple QuickBooks Desktop company files. It simplifies file management and allows users to switch between companies efficiently. However, please note that the term “QuickBooks Desktop Manager” may vary depending on the specific context or version of the software.

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Comparing QuickBooks Desktop 2024 Pricing

QuickBooks Pro

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priced per year

✔ Organize your business finances
✔ Track performance to inform decisions
✔ Priced per user up to 3 users
✔ Income & expenses
✔ Invoice & accept payments
✔ Tax deductions
✔ Reports
✔ Receipt capture
✔ Sales & sales tax
✔ 1099 contractors

QuickBooks Premier


per year

✔ Organize your business finances
✔ Track performance to inform decisions
✔ Priced per user up to 5 users
✔ Income & expenses
✔ Invoice & accept payments
✔ Tax deductions
✔ Industry specific reports
✔ Receipt capture
✔ Sales & sales tax
✔ 1099 contractors
✔ Estimates
✔ Bill management
✔ Time tracking
✔ Inventory management

QuickBooks Enterprise


per year

✔ Organize your business finances
✔ Track performance to inform decisions
✔ Priced per user up to 40 users
✔ Income & expenses
✔ Invoice & accept payments
✔ Tax deductions
✔ Most powerful reports
✔ Receipt capture
✔ Sales & sales tax
✔ 1099 contractors
✔ Advanced Inventory management
✔ E-commerce integration (add-on)
✔ Cash flow
✔ Bill & PO workflow approvals
✔ Project profitability
✔ Mileage tracking
✔ Cloud access (add-on)
✔ Built-in payroll
✔ Customized access
✔ Workflow automation
✔ Batch invoices & expenses
✔ Dedicated account team
✔ On-demand online training
✔ Intercompany transactions
✔ 200+ apps
✔ Salesforce CRM connector (add-on)
✔ Data restoration


What's the difference in capacity between Pro, Premier and Enterprise?

Enterprise tracks up to 1 million customers, vendors, and goods, while Desktop Pro and Premier each track up to 14,500 customers, vendors, and items. Additionally scaling to 30 people with various roles and permissions, QuickBooks Enterprise.

What is QuickBooks desktop enterprise used for?

Accounting, inventory management, reporting, pricing guidelines, task costing, payroll, time tracking, and more are all provided by Enterprise in a one location. Custom user permissions allow you to maintain control over your data.

Is QuickBooks desktop the same as enterprise?

The Inventory Centre is a feature of just QuickBooks Desktop Premier, and QuickBooks Enterprise is the only version that supports multiple company files. Additionally, an enterprise can combine reports from several organizations, manage inventory via bar code scanning, bin position tracking, and other inventory management systems, and consolidate results.

Is QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop being discontinued?

When does a service stop being provided? Your QuickBooks Desktop 2020 software will no longer be supported after May 31, 2023. All 2020 editions of QuickBooks Desktop Pro, QuickBooks Desktop Premier, QuickBooks Desktop for Mac, and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions are included in this.

How many users can QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise have?

Can I add an unlimited number of users to QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise? QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise is offered in licenses for 1 to 10 users as well as up to 40 users.