QuickBooks Desktop Accountant

QuickBooks Accountant Desktop, an on-premise accounting software, gives bookkeepers and accountants specialized tools for serving QuickBooks Desktop Pro and Premier clients. This version of QuickBooks for accountants includes numerous capabilities not found in the Pro and Premier editions, such as the ability to review and change client data and switch between all industry-specific QuickBooks Desktop versions.

Features of QuickBooks Desktop Accountant

Company File Management

Managing multiple company files has always been challenging. QuickBooks Desktop Accountant allows you to open, create, and restore company files effortlessly. Moreover, the Accountant’s Copy feature facilitates seamless client collaboration while maintaining data security.

Accountant Center

The Accountant Center is your one-stop hub for managing client financial data. You can review and analyze their financials, access specialized accountant tools, and communicate with clients directly from this centralized platform.

Financial Reporting and Analysis

QuickBooks Desktop Accountant offers an array of built-in financial statements, which can be easily customized to meet your client’s specific needs. You can also create budgets and forecasts and leverage data analysis features to gain valuable insights into your clients’ financial performance.

Account Reconciliation

Streamline the account reconciliation process with QuickBooks Desktop Accountant. Effortlessly reconcile bank and credit card accounts, troubleshoot discrepancies, and leverage accountant tools for a smoother reconciliation experience.

Journal Entry and Adjustments

Accurate journal entries and year-end adjustments are essential for maintaining financial integrity. QuickBooks Desktop Accountant simplifies this process, allowing you to seamlessly create, manage, and reclassify journal entries.

Collaboration and File Sharing

Enhance collaboration with your clients through QuickBooks Desktop Accountant’s Accountant’s Copy feature. Share reports and documents securely, manage user access, and ensure smooth communication between you and your clients.

Accountant Toolbox

Exclusively designed for accountants, the Accountant Toolbox offers various time-saving features. With batch entry and editing capabilities, you can easily breeze through data entry tasks and fix common errors.

Integration and Add-Ons

Integrate third-party apps and add-ons to extend QuickBooks Desktop Accountant’s functionality. From specialized accounting tasks to industry-specific needs, you can find the right tools to complement your workflow.

Security and Backup

Data security is paramount in accounting, and QuickBooks Desktop Accountant takes it seriously. Learn about the built-in security measures and backup options to ensure your clients’ financial data is always protected.

Updates and Support

Stay updated with the latest features and enhancements through regular updates and upgrades. QuickBooks Desktop Accountant also offers access to comprehensive technical support resources and a vibrant community forum for assistance.


✅ Clients may easily share files with Accountant Copy.

✅ Find client faults and make year-end adjustments with the use of the accountant’s toolbox.

✅ Open client records from QuickBooks Pro or Premier’s prior year’s release.

✅ Switching between every QuickBooks desktop edition

✅ Membership in QuickBooks Desktop ProAdvisor


❎ Accessing client books is more challenging than with QuickBooks Online Accountant

❎ The company file can only be accessed by one user at a time

❎ Cannot use third-party hosting to remotely access the software

❎ Financial data is not updated in real-time

QuickBooks Desktop Accountant Deciding Factors

1. Supported Users
Accountants serving clients who use QuickBooks Pro or Premier
2. Pricing
  • ProAdvisor Premier Software Bundle: $799 per year, per ProAdvisor
  • ProAdvisor Enterprise Software Bundle: $1,299 per year, per ProAdvisor
3. Money-back Guarantee
60 days from the purchase date
4. Standout Features
  • Lets you review and adjust client’s books
  • Can be used to manage your own firm’s books
  • Allows you to toggle between all industry-specific editions of QuickBooks Pro and Premier
  • Provides an Accountant Toolbox that lets you access special tools for managing your client’s books
5. Customer Support
24/7 customer support (submit a request and wait for a call from QuickBooks), live chat support, chatbot, community forum, downloadable user guides

QuickBooks Desktop Accountant Pricing

If you get a QuickBooks Desktop ProAdvisor subscription, you can access QuickBooks Accountant Desktop. Currently, there are two levels of membership available:

  1. ProAdvisor Premier Software Bundle: $799 per year, per ProAdvisor
  2. ProAdvisor Enterprise Software Bundle: $1,299 per year, per ProAdvisor

The ProAdvisor Enterprise Software Bundle offers more items, such as QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Accountant, QuickBooks Mac Desktop 2023, and QuickBooks POS Desktop, but both include QuickBooks Accountant Desktop and other capabilities.


What is QuickBooks ProAdvisor Deluxe membership?

Professionals in accounting, bookkeeping, taxation, and consulting who work with outside clients are eligible for Intuit’s QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program. A 1-user license of QuickBooks Accountant’s accountant edition is included with the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Deluxe software subscription.

What is the difference between QuickBooks Accountant and Accountant Plus?

You can use the QuickBooks Accountant edition for three years after making a one-time, flat-rate purchase, along with receiving Intuit support.
However, QuickBooks Accountant Plus is available as a service bundle with a yearly subscription that also includes support and access to yearly Program Update.

Will QuickBooks Desktop Accountant integrate with my other software?

In order to increase automation and efficiency, it may be coupled with more than 200 third-party programs for extra functionalities including ERP, CRM, payroll, MS Office Suite, and more. All third-party integrations on Ace Cloud’s platform are supported.

How is QuickBooks Accountant different from other versions of QuickBooks, such as Pro, Premier, Enterprise, and QBO?

For accountants who assist several accounting clients, QuickBooks Accountant is specifically made for them. Other versions of QuickBooks don’t help accountants streamline chores like this one does since it provides special, time-saving capabilities like Accountant ToolBox, Accountant’s Copy, and Email Journal Entries.

Are there training and support options available to me as I get started?

Yes, Intuit’s QuickBooks provides a range of courses to help you gain a deeper understanding of the products and services it offers, from free online training sessions to in-person events.

Can I use QuickBooks Accountant from a remote location?

You can collaborate with your clients and coworkers online and host your QuickBooks Accountant on the cloud without any restrictions on where you are physically located. Call our Solutions Consultant at +1-866-814-6565 at any time for additional details.