Using QuickBooks to manage your small business finances is great, but the default font size can be tiny and cause eye strain. Thankfully, you can easily adjust the font size in QuickBooks Desktop to make it more readable and comfortable for you. With just a few simple steps, you’ll have QuickBooks displaying crisp, clear text that’s the perfect size for you.

Why Adjust the Font Size in QuickBooks?

Staring at tiny text all day can cause headaches and make it hard to read important info in QuickBooks. By bumping up the font size, you’ll reduce eye fatigue and avoid squinting at the screen. This makes QuickBooks much easier on the eyes during long work sessions.

Beyond comfort, a larger font also decreases mistakes. When text is miniature, it’s more likely to misread numbers or skim past crucial data. With a bigger font, every figure and notification stands out.

Adjusting font size also lets you personalize QuickBooks to match your preferences. Only settle for the default size if it’s ideal for you. Choosing the right size makes using QuickBooks an enjoyable experience.

Steps to Change Font Size in QuickBooks Desktop

Ready to stop squinting and enjoy reading QuickBooks data? Follow these simple steps:

1. Click Edit in the Menu Bar

The Edit menu contains the font settings for QuickBooks. Go to the top menu bar and click Edit.

2. Select Preferences

A dropdown menu appears. Click Preferences in the dropdown menu.

3. Choose Desktop View from the Icon Bar

The Preferences window opens. Along the left icon bar, click Desktop View.

4. Select Fonts & Colors on the Left Panel

This opens font and colour settings. In the left panel, click Fonts & Colors.

5. Adjust Font Size for All Text Elements

Now, you can change font sizes! When you click Fonts & Colors, the right pane shows font settings for different elements in QuickBooks. For each one, click the Change Font button and adjust the font size as desired.

Be sure to increase the general size for things like:

  • Application Text
  • Table Text
  • Report Text

This changes the main font size throughout QuickBooks. Please set it to a size that’s comfortable for you.

6. Click OK to Save Changes

Once you’ve tweaked the font sizes, click OK at the bottom to save the changes.

That’s all there is to it! The new font sizes you selected will now display across QuickBooks Desktop to make viewing and entering data easier for your eyes. If the text ever seems too small again, just return to the Preferences and Fonts & Colors to bump it up. You can customize QuickBooks so it matches your personal preferences.

More Tips for Optimizing QuickBooks Desktop

Tweaking font size is one great way to optimize QuickBooks Desktop for your needs. Additionally, try these tips:

  1. Adjust icon size – Scale up the icons in QuickBooks for easier clicking and viewing.
  2. Reduce brightness – Dial down screen brightness to prevent glare and eye strain.
  3. Use multiple monitors – Expand your QuickBooks workspace across two monitors for more screen real estate.
  4. Customize shortcuts – Set up customized keyboard shortcuts to zip through tasks.
  5. Add productivity tools – Install plugins like Scratchpad for efficiency.
  6. Password reset
  7. Backup

With a few personalized changes like increasing font size, you can make QuickBooks Desktop work perfectly for you. Follow the steps in this guide to scale text for greater comfort and productivity. Ditch the tiny default fonts for a QuickBooks experience that’s easier on the eyes!